• LDE-12V12W

    SAA approved LED driver
  • LD-12V09W

    LED power supply with socket
  • LDB-12V12W

    Super slim LED driver
  • 96006-12V

    Economic series LED driver
  • LDE-12V6W

    Standard LED driver
  • LDB-12V6W

    Super slim LED driver
  • Movement sensor switch 96611

    High voltage movement sensor...
  • Door control sensor switch 9...

Founded in 2003, Lumitronic Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and a combination of science and technology, production, marketing and after-sales service. We specialize in researching, developing and producing different kinds of LED driver, LED power supply, Plug in LED adapter, and LED sensor switch. Through the close cooperation and collaboration of  our R&D department, manufacturing department, QC department, Sales department...

Lumitronic will attend the 21th Guangzhou International Lighting ...
Lumitronic will attend the 21th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Lumitronic Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of led driver power supply an...
  • SGS-EMC certificate for LDE-12V6W,LDE-24V6W

    SGS-EMC certifica...

  • LVD certificate for Economic series LED driver

    LVD certificate f...

  • EMC certificate for Economic series LED driver

    EMC certificate f...

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